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How it works

05 - Homepage - You choose

You choose

Choose from Pikt’s selection of organic produce and create a box that suits your needs. You can even pick your delivery day for maximum convenience. No middle men, no extra costs just fresh produce and transparent pricing.

06 - Homepage - we pick

We pick

Our team hand pack each box with love and care, all within our dedicated packing facility and pack your order into one of our special Pikt boxes. We operate a zero plastic use policy at Pikt so our packaging is 100 percent cardboard AND recyclable.

07- Homepage- We deliver

We deliver

We’ve partnered with DPD as they strive to be carbon neutral and deliver your box directly to you. We work with farmers and growers directly; this provides the most direct route for your fruit and veg to get to you.

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Your box, your rules

At Pikt we empower you to pick and choose the produce you want, the fruit and veg world really is your oyster avocado. 

Homey Box-1


As the name suggests, this box is perfect for your regular weekly shop. But you can also use it for parties, events, or even have a box delivered to a UK holiday home. (Don’t forget your five-a-day on that seaside break – oh and car snacks for the kids!). Get up to 25 portions of fresh, organic goodness delivered to your door.

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For the fruit fanatic! Get ALL of your fruit portions for the week in one handy recyclable box. The Fruitist box is perfect for your home fruit needs or for a busy office, gym, reception or party. Think happy, healthy, productive. Think apples, not sugar loaded sweets. 

You can get your fruitiest box in 2 different sizes depending how hungry your team is.

I need more fruit in my life!
Prepster x5


The Prepster is your go-to fresh ingredient box. Food truck, restaurant, bar or club, you name it – the Prepster box is cleverly designed to fit in small spaces and opens up to make it easier to store and use your ingredients quickly.

You can choose between our 3 or 5 product box. Manage your stock easily and no plastic waste. 

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Why choose Pikt

Best for you

We all know that eating plenty of fruit and veg has a lot of health benefits, both mental and physical. From a very early age, getting enough fruit and veg in your diet has incredible healing and development powers. Which is why, at Pikt, we want to make it possible for you and your family, your team and your customers to get as much of the good stuff as possible

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best for growers

Why choose Pikt

Best for growers

Pikt works with farmers all over the world to grow natural, organic, pesticide-free fruit and veg. The supply-chain can sometimes be stretched out, with everyone adding costs that makes food expensive. Not Pikt; we opt for the direct route with farmers and growers shaking hands creating meaningful partnerships and collaborations built on trust and honesty.

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best for our planet

Why choose Pikt

Best for our planet

People and planet first, that’s our motto at Pikt. From carbon offsetting to ensuring our growers and farmers are paid fairly and on time, we’re a business working really hard to provide a future with sustainability, environment and people at the heart of what we do.

We don’t have all the answers, but we’re happy to listen and learn. Together we can make a difference.

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We believe

It’s easy to say you stand for something and then fall for anything. Which is why, at Pikt, we believe business should be a force for good. That’s why we’re proud to be a certified B Corporation. Doing business isn’t inherently good or bad – it’s about how you do it and who benefits.


In people

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. We’re family.


In sourcing

We seek and source the best growers globally. We’re partners not traders.


In compliance

We rigorously and routinely review and audit every aspect of the business. We like it that way.


In the environment

We only get one planet and one chance. We want to look after it.


In money

We put our money where our mouth is. We created a foundation to make a difference.


In equality

From our growers to you, everyone deserves the same treatment, fair, honest and be valued.


In sharing

We share our company information, our development and so much more.


In honesty

We are fully transparent with our costs and set up. No smoke and mirrors here.


Values guide everything we do. We operate to the highest levels of social and environ- mental standards, transparency and legal accountability. We believe in balance. Our commercial success creates the possibility of making a difference, and our sense of purpose ensures we put people and planet before profit.


You can read all about our beliefs and why we do what we do here.

Why Pikt?