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For your home

We keep things convenient and straight-forward. You get the best produce (that you choose) delivered to your door, seven days a week.

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Work is covered

Feeding your team doesn't have to bee a compromise on quality. Get a great selection of organic fruit delivered regularly, whenever you need.

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More happy diners

Starters, mains and desserts (you name it!) – using fresh produce is a must-have for a busy eatery. Take one hassle off of your do-do list.

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Drinks to dishes

Whether you have a café, bar or food and drinks truck, keep your delicious food and cocktail garnish costs down with our Prepster box.

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Your box, your rules

At Pikt we empower you to pick and choose the produce you want, the fruit and veg world really is your oyster avocado. 



As the name suggests, this box is perfect for your regular weekly shop. But you can also use it for parties, events, or even have a box delivered to a UK holiday home. (Don’t forget your five-a-day on that seaside break – oh and car snacks for the kids!). Get up to 25 portions of fresh, organic goodness delivered to your door.

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For the fruit fanatic! Get ALL of your fruit portions for the week in one handy recyclable box. The Fruitist box is perfect for your home fruit needs or for a busy office, gym, reception or party. Think happy, healthy, productive. Think apples, not sugar loaded sweets. 

You can get your fruitiest box in 2 different sizes depending how hungry your team is.

I need more fruit in my life!


The Prepster is your go-to fresh ingredient box. Food truck, restaurant, bar or club, you name it – the Prepster box is cleverly designed to fit in small spaces and opens up to make it easier to store and use your ingredients quickly.

You can choose between our 3 or 5 product box. Manage your stock easily and no plastic waste. 

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