This is us, our heart, soul and lots of delicious

Organic Fruits, Vegetables and Salads, all carefully hand selected.

Family owned and led with the core value of treating everyone fairly

Pikt was born from Matt’s (Founder) frustration of a broken system; Matt wanted to see a platform designed for everyone and driven by choice with values far beyond the current providers. Matt formed a business called SunFresh Produce Ltd back in 2011, with the sole focus to source the best Organic Fruits and Vegetables locally and globally from his +25 years of knowledge. SunFresh Produce still supplies the leading UK supermarkets with organic fruits, vegetables and salads, but Matt knew with his team they could disrupt the system positively with a direct relationship.

Doing right for everyone – from our rockstar team, farmers and growers, to our customers, everyone is treated with respect and valued. We’re proudly independent and family-owned making us unique in the Fresh Produce sector, as we are only a handful of businesses who are dedicated to Organic Fresh Produce and true specialists at what we do, all governed by our B-Corporation and Soil Association certification.

This is founder Matt Godfroy and his amazing wife, Sam. (aka Mr G and Mrs G on social posts)

We created the brand ‘ ORGANIC FOR THE PEOPLE’ for the event at Battersea Park. This is our beloved +25 year old converted Rice Horse Trailer we used, known as the ‘Battle Wagon’ we still have her and take her to events across the UK.

Our Journey

Our journey is far from over, just the beginning as Matt is always reengineering how the business will solve current and future problems. Such was the idea of Pikt lending Matt to create a ‘one-for-all’ e-platform providing a smarter supply chain for growers, increased value for shoppers (that’s you), and non-destructive to the planet, while doing good for all.

In the summer of 2018, we went along to a food festival in Battersea Park, London, and asked everyone what they loved about Organic, and what they didn’t. We asked them what we could do differently and better. (that’s Mrs G in the picture, Sam Godfroy).

Your choice

You told us that you loved the convenience of box schemes, but not being able to control the content of it turned you off. You want the same great Organic Fruit and Veg to snack on at work, bar and restaurant owners want to use the best ingredients – you all want complete transparency and honesty. You want to know the food you buy is fairly and ethically sourced.

Just some of 1200 cards filled out telling us what you loved and disliked in the world of Organic. This has gone on to help create new ideas and brands we look forward to launching with you