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Bring The Farmers' Market to your front door with Pikt

With Pikt, you can easily bring the freshness, quality and variety of the farmer’s market direct to your own front door. Our fruit and veg delivery service is ideal for busy people and for those who wish to avoid travelling for their shopping. We make things simple by bringing the best, freshest organic fruit and veg straight to your doorstep.

Top quality produce

At Pikt, our fruit and vegetable produce is certified organic and of the very highest quality. Just like the best farmers’ markets, our produce comes straight from the grower meaning that it is ethical, super fresh and you get the best seasonal produce available. We are organic and honest. We do not allow any herbicides or synthetic pesticides to be used in growing our produce, so choosing a Pikt delivery helps you keep healthy by reducing your exposure to pesticides in your food.

We take great care of your fruit and veg throughout the order and delivery process: our boxes and the way we pick your produce are designed to ensure that your fruit and veg reach you in the best possible condition.

Plastic free

Pikt deliveries are plastic free, allowing you to reduce the environmental impact of your fruit and veg shopping. No gel pads or ice packs are used, thereby, helping you to help the planet. Choosing a Pikt delivery also sees you cut down on food waste because all of our boxes are portioned which gives you the control you need over the amount you buy.

Value and convenience

We pride ourselves on passing the value of our supply chain onto our customers. We pay a fair price to our suppliers, too. When you choose Pikt, you get both great value and the convenience of a doorstep delivery. Once you have chosen the contents of your box using our easy online ordering system, we pick and carefully pack your produce for you. Our boxes are delivered to you by DPD with weekday delivery included in the order prices and just a small supplement if you need a weekend delivery.

You choose the contents of your box yourself and also set the quantities of each product meaning that you have the same level of control over what you buy as you would if you were shopping in person. You can remove, add or swap items from your box as you wish. If you are short of time or inspiration we can help with that too – simply choose one of our ready-made boxes for the ultimate in convenient ordering of all the fruit and vegetables that you will need for your weekly shop.

If you would like the quality and freshness of the produce available at a farmers’ market with the convenience of doorstep delivery, why not try one of our boxes today. Everything you choose will be deliciously fresh.

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