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  • Buy Fresh Organic Salads Online in The UK At the Best Price

    About us At Pikt, customers call the shots. We supply fresh produce tailored to your requirements in line with our ethical values. Sustainability is key to our success. We respect people throughout the entire supply chain, from growers to customers. […]

  • Where to Find the Best Organic Vegetables for Home Delivery?

    Why Organic Vegetables? Organic vegetables are grown without using harmful pesticides and fertilisers. To be able to label food as organic, strict guidelines must be followed, so you can guarantee all organic vegetables will have been grown using natural fertilisers. […]

  • 4 weird and wonderful fruit garnishes for cocktails

    Leonardo da Vinci didn’t forget to frame the Mona Lisa. So, you shouldn’t forget to add a garnish to your expertly-crafted cocktails. They’re works of art, after all. A fruit garnish can elevate your drink from an enjoyable tipple to a memorable, […]

  • What ‘counts’ as a vegan-friendly restaurant?

    The numbers vary, but there are, at the very least, hundreds of thousands of vegans in the UK today. Vegan and vegetarian restaurants are becoming more popular and, generally, eateries up and down the country are providing more plant-based options for […]

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