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Create a Healthier Environment at the Office with an Organic Fruit Box

We all know that getting in your five a day during a busy workday can be tricky, so if your employer is able to give you a bit of a helping hand by providing fresh, highly nutritious fruit in the office, you’re probably going to be pretty appreciative.

The benefit of having fresh fruit in the office

Fresh fruit that is picked, delivered and eaten at its peak contains plenty of potassium which supports heart health. Citrus fruits, such as grapefruit and blood oranges, have been proven to help ease stress. Whichever fruits you choose to have delivered to your office, they are certain to have a positive impact on your working environment.

We all need fuel to continue to work at our best throughout the day and encouraging healthy snacking will ensure that you and your team are equipped to deliver work of the highest quality. Encouraging healthy snack breaks can also provide ideal times for your team to socialise or problem solve, which will likely lead to a more cohesive work environment within which everyone feels supported enough to contribute their thoughts and ideas.

So, for business owners, establishing a positive and supportive working environment can drive myriad, lasting benefits. Demonstrating to your team that you genuinely care about their health and wellbeing can encourage company loyalty and boost productivity but, until recently, organising a regular delivery of fresh produce has been a relatively complicated process.

Fresh, organic fruit delivered directly to your office

Using our experience of supplying produce to some of the biggest supermarkets across the UK, we can deliver an organic fruit box for your office as frequently as you want them to arrive. We want to help you and your team to stay healthy at work, which is precisely why we designed our Fruitist box. Available in both small and large sizes, our boxes and packaging are all plastic-free and recyclable. You can choose up to three different fruits from a wide selection of in-season options and we’ll deliver them in quantities that will keep your office snacking healthily for the whole week.

We source all our fresh produce from Soil Association certified growers and farmers, which ensures that the fruit that is delivered to your office will arrive in peak condition and stay that way throughout the working week. In addition to creating your own positive working environment, your business will also be supporting passionate growers who take pride in growing fruit of the highest quality. So, when choosing a Piktfresh box, you can feel assured that each one of our partner growers has received a fair price for the produce they have provided.

From supporting other businesses to reducing your carbon footprint and ensuring that your team has easy access to fresh produce, there are myriad benefits that come from arranging a fruit delivery to your office.

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