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Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy at Work

Trying to get your five a day can be a real chore when you’re run off your feet all day. That’s where Piktfresh can help. We’ll deliver an organic fruit box direct to your office so you can eat healthy and stay healthy at work. Best of all, you choose the fruit you want and we’ll source the very best organic fruit box for your office and deliver it at the peak of freshness. Create your own signature smoothies or just enjoy the crunch of a British apple at the peak of freshness, the choice is yours.

Organic Fruit Boxes for Your Office

We only source our fruit from farmers and growers with organic Soil Association certification. This ensures that all our produce meets the strictest standards and is good for you and the planet. It can be tough getting enough fruit into your diet when you’re often eating on the go, which is exactly why we designed our Fruitist box. When fast food doesn’t mean nutritious or delicious then trust Piktfresh to deliver ethically sourced and produced fruit delivered farm fresh and with zero plastic direct to your office.

All of the Health, None of the Hassle

Imagine snacking on fresh organic fruit throughout your work day and you’ll love the Fruitist. Available in small and large sizes, this fully recyclable box of fruit goodness has zero plastic and is made for healthy snacking. The potassium present in fresh fruit is great for heart health so enjoy a delicious Braeburn at the peak of freshness. Citrus fruit like blood oranges and grapefruit are proven to help combat stress so why not pop some in your Fruitist box?

You can choose up to three fruits from a range of your favourites including citrus, pears and apples and there’s plenty to keep the entire office snacking healthily for a week. If you really need an organic fruit boost then opt for the double-size Fruitist box to enjoy some supersize snacking. Best of all, our fresh fruit is always ethically sourced from high quality growers so you can enjoy your favourites week in week out.

Just order by 8am for the next day delivery anywhere on the UK mainland. Imagine how much healthier your meetings will be when you swap out biscuits for delicious and healthy organic fruit.

The Guilt Free Choice

Opting for a weekly Fruitist box isn’t just the guilt-free way to enjoy snacking. You’ll also be making a healthy choice for the environment. We pay all our farmers and growers a fair price for their produce and we’re dedicated to providing a service that respects nature by doing our bit for the planet with sustainable packaging and carbon offsetting.

So next time you need healthy snacks in the workplace, a Piktfresh Fruitist box is just what the doctor ordered. And when you choose a Piktfresh box, you’re not just choosing health and wellbeing, you’re making a sustainable and ethical choice to help growers and farmers, too. So let’s all do our bit for the environment, one juicy organic apple at a time.

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