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"How going organic can benefit your life!" By @deanpiperisalive

By Dean Piper – @deanpiperisalive (14/1/21)

It’s fair to say right now we are all a lot more conscious of what food we choose to supply to our bodies when refuelling. Yes, you heard me right – refuelling is how I like to refer to the act of placing food into my own body. 

After all, our body is the best little machine we are ever likely to meet or need to refuel. It’s full of miracles, extremely complex and more than ever before needs protecting against this funny weird world we are all living in. And this is just in a normal year…nevermind being in the midst of a global pandemic – it’s integral we all strive to stay healthy and keep our immune system strong every single day. 

One way I’ve learnt over the past few years to stay as healthy and strong as possible is by eating organic food and this path to health has rather naturally lead me to Pikt Fresh and their home delivery service of organic produce. 

In my mid to late 30s I was becoming more and more lethargic and tired. I wasn’t exercising enough, I was lazy and mostly lacking energy throughout the day. My diet (or fuel, dear reader) was rubbish. Nowadays, the new improved me is full of energy – some would say bursting at the seams. 

As part of my road to health, I visited Body Camp in Ibiza and had a complete life turnaround with their seven-day programme. They taught me about plant-based eating and the importance of eating unprocessed “clean” foods. The lessons I learnt there have stuck with me until this very day and I’ve never felt better in myself. They say health is real wealth and if that’s the case I’m really rather rich…

The importance of organic vegetables, fruit and salad have been documented so much over the years but in short I’ll give you a little run down of the facts so you don’t have to go searching for it…


  • A 2014 study into organic fruit and vegetables at Newcastle University concluded that in organic food, quantities of antioxidants, which help prevent cancer and heart disease and boost immunity, are between 19 and 69 per cent higher.
  • Organic dairy has also been found to contain higher levels of omega-3 fats (up to 50 per cent higher, according to a 2016 European study) and is much lower in saturated fats. This will help lower blood pressure and ultimately reduce the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. 
  • Organic vegetables and fruit are often fresher as they don’t contain preservatives meaning they get to your supermarket shelves (or Pikt box) far quicker. 
  • Organic TASTES miles better. Fact. 
  • Organic farming practices are far better for the planet we live on. They use less energy, help conserve water, reduce soil erosion and increase soil fertility.

Now, buying organic goods has been a complete farce for the past decade or so. You often have to search for it endlessly at large supermarkets (there’s no dedicated organic section) and then the smaller chains on smaller high streets don’t stock organic goods. It’s mindboggling stuff. 

Then there’s the conversation about the cost of organic food being higher than the usual mass-produced items – especially when we all need to watch our spending. 

So this is why towards the end of last year when I discovered Pikt Fresh and the work Matt Godfrey and his wife Sam were doing I was genuinely blown away. I believe wholeheartedly with every aspect of the business they have created – the ethos and morals of Pikt are epic for humans and the planet we live upon. 

Firstly, I was thrilled Pikt delivered amazing organic produce direct to people’s doors across the UK without any carbon footprint (via DPD). Then there’s zero plastic packaging too – so everything is recycled when you unpack. 

Then let’s chat pennies – one of the biggest bonuses was just how cost effective their seasonal veg, fruit and salad box was. It’s not expensive – the mixed box costs just £30 and includes 60 portions. I mean, you’re not going to get better than that in a supermarket with organics…

Another thing to consider is the pandemic and how we are living just now. People just don’t want to be in a shop searching for organic produce for ages when there’s a rampant disease on the march through the world. No more shops for me…just a box delivered to my door that hasn’t put my health at risk at all. It’s a no 

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