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Piktfresh - The Healthiest Food Delivery Service

Whether you’re a clean eater or you love avocado on toast, there’s nothing nicer than the crunch of delicious fresh organic salad veg. We all know getting our five a day is good for us, but sometimes it’s tough making the right nutritional choices. Now your organic five a day can come to you with a handpicked and sustainable PiktFresh box.

Putting You in Control

If you’ve tried veg box schemes before, you’ll know how disappointing they can be. The same old staples or an unimaginative selection of roots and fruits dumped on the doorstep. PiktFresh does things differently, putting you in control of your delivery.

Fancy some crisp radishes and a spanking fresh lettuce tomorrow? Pop them in your box and enjoy our next day organic salads home delivery whenever you want. Prefer to get your veg delivered on your working from home day? No problem, we can deliver next day anywhere on the UK mainland, provided that you place your order by 8am.

The Natural Choice

Run a bar or restaurant and find you’re always popping out for citrus for drinks? Fed up with the mid afternoon slump? PiktFresh delivers boxes of fresh produce direct to your restaurant, bar or office. Organic herbs, spices and citrus fruits add value and a health boost for your customers while employees can enjoy a healthy snack that can contribute to heart and brain health and decrease stress.

Whether you’re sticking with a Vegan lifestyle beyond Veganuary or you want to take care of your long term health, an active lifestyle and a plant based diet packed with organic fruit and veg is the way to stay healthy. PiktFresh is the natural choice when you want to eat great tasting food with the ultimate convenience.

Healthy, Sustainable, Ethical

But PiktFresh isn’t just the healthy choice for you. We’re committed to zero plastics in our packaging so you can recycle your box as soon as you’re finished with it. We ensure low waste throughout our supply chain and we source our organic fruit and veg from Soil Association certified farmers and growers, so every time you choose a PiktFresh fruit and veg box you can be sure you’re keeping the environment healthy, too.

With PiktFresh you can enjoy the tastiest salads, the crunchiest fruit and the crispest veg all organically grown, ethically sourced and delivered direct to your door. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your fruit and veg was grown by farmers and growers committed to sustainable practice in a low waste system without adding to the problem of plastic pollution.

At PiktFresh, we believe in bringing ethics and sustainability to everything we do. That’s why we believe in paying our suppliers a fair price for their produce and we translate that to you in our transparent pricing system. There’s never been a better way to eat ethically, seasonally and affordably. So, go on, feel good about eating well with the healthiest food delivery service around.

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