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PiktFresh: Your One-Stop Solution for a Fresh Organic Ingredients Box

Whether you’re an enthusiastic home cook who loves having a well-stocked pantry or you’re a business owner who prides themselves on providing their hungry customers with the highest quality food, snacks and juices, our Piktfresh organic fresh ingredient box delivery is a one-stop solution that will ensure you always have everything you need within easy reach.

An overview of Piktfresh Prepster Ingredient Boxes

With our Prepster 3 box, you can select up to three different ingredients to be delivered directly to your door. If you’re looking for a little more variety, our Prepster 5 box allows you to select up to five ingredients. From onions and garlic to citrus fruits and fresh spices, these customisable fresh ingredients boxes will provide you with at least 2.5kg of seasonal fresh produce as frequently as you would like it to arrive.

Our up-front pricing means that you’ll always know in advance how much your order will cost. Our products don’t have fixed prices because we pride ourselves on offering our growers a fair price for their produce based upon the size of the harvest, cost of production and seasonal availability. Our flexible ethos extends across every aspect of our operation, from ensuring that none of our partner growers are losing out financially to offering customisable boxes that ensure our customers receive the produce they want, when they want it, at an affordable price.

So, whether you run a busy cocktail bar or a restaurant that would benefit from keeping a core selection of go-to ingredients in one place, our innovative boxes will help you to streamline your operations whilst ensuring that you can provide your customers with high-quality products.

Why choose Piktfresh?

With many years’ experience supplying some of the largest supermarkets in the UK with fresh produce, we have channelled our knowledge into building a seamless service to help our customers to eat well every single day.

With a box for everyone, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality produce that has been grown in a herbicide and pesticide-free environment. As such, our partner growers actively select varieties of produce that have a natural level of resistance to diseases and pests. By working in harmony with nature, disruption to the natural environment is kept to a minimum and ecosystems are protected.

Our produce is shipped in plastic-free packaging that is fully recyclable and has been designed to ensure that your order arrives in good condition. We don’t use superfluous gel or ice packs, which allows us to run a sustainable and ethical operation. Additionally, if you want to support local growers, just let us know when you’re checking out. This will allow us to shorten our supply chains, minimise our carbon footprint and further reduce our environmental impact.

As a business owner there are many pressures on your time, so let us tick one thing off your to-do list.

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