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Things You Should Know About Organic Food

There are so many benefits to going green and buying pesticide-free organic fruit and veg online, ranging from bee health to protecting the environment. Here’s why you should make the switch.

What does organic mean to you? Is it fresh and healthy produce or a short term fad? In the UK there are strict standards around organic labelling but it can still be tough to make the right decisions.

What is Organic?

According to DEFRA, the Department for Agriculture and Rural Affairs, organic food avoids the use of pesticides, feed additives, growth regulators and man-made fertilisers. The Soil Association, responsible for organic certification in the UK, defines organic as produce and livestock grown and reared in harmony with nature without the use of antibiotics or preservatives.

Look out for the Soil Association seal of approval when you want to buy organic, free range, no GM and pesticide free fruit and veg online or at the supermarket. Order direct from Piktfresh to ensure you’re getting the best seasonal and organic produce available delivered direct to your door.


In 2017, a Government study discovered that 47% of British food contained chemical residues from pesticides used to kill insects and weeds. The buildup of these hazardous chemicals in the human body can lead to headaches, birth defects and even cancer and put a strain on the immune system. Unborn babies and pregnant women are the most at risk which makes buying pesticide-free organic fruit and veg from Piktfresh the smart and healthy choice for your growing family.

These toxic pesticides have a knock-on effect on the environment, polluting our land and water and disrupting ecosystems. Organic farmers can use natural pesticides but only under extremely controlled circumstances.

Nutritional Value

Organic food is lower in artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals than non-organic, and when it comes to nutritional value it really shines. Many studies have found that organically produced food is higher in important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3, contributing significantly to a healthy diet.


It’s not just health concerns that drive people to go organic. Organic farming is all about farm to fork and creating a sustainable environment wherein wildlife can thrive. Soil Association certified farms report having up to 50% more bees, birds and butterflies than non-organic farms, so when you choose PiktFresh you are also ensuring the wellbeing of the natural world.

Organic farms also protect natural resources by not over farming the land, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to minimise their environmental impact. At PiktFresh, we only select our produce from Soil Association certified farmers and growers helping you to make sustainable and ethical choices about the way you eat.


One reason people often give for not switching to organic is the cost, and it’s true that buying pesticide-free organic fruit and veg online can cost more than the non-organic alternatives. At Piktfresh, we allow you to choose the fruit and veg portions you need to minimise waste and take control of your diet. Eating seasonally is the best way to ensure that your food is at the peak of freshness, maintaining all its essential vitamins and it’s more affordable into the bargain. So why not try a Piktfresh box today and enjoy the fresh new way to go organic?

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