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What makes Piktfresh Stand Out?

Want to order organic vegetables online? Piktfresh is the sustainable and ethical choice when you want fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to your door.

Here at Piktfresh we’re passionate about delivering the freshest organic fruit and vegetables to our customers, and, also about treating all our local farmers and growers fairly. It’s a simple idea but we believe that when you order organic vegetables online you should be able to make a sustainable and ethical choice. That’s what sets Piktfresh apart from other box schemes you may have tried.

Quality and Choice

We wanted Piktfresh to be a totally new kind of box delivery service and also one that gives our customers an ethical choice for fresh organic produce. We put all our experience supplying supermarkets with fresh fruit and vegetables together with your feedback to create Piktfresh.

We’re dedicated to bringing you the fresh produce you want with the biggest range and choice available. That’s why we’ve created choices to suit everyone from the Homey Box with its 25 portions of organic fruit and vegetable to suit your family to the Fruitist containing 5kg of three varieties of fruit of your choice – great for home, the office or even after your Parkrun. 

If you’re a busy bar or restaurant looking for core ingredients then the Prepster delivers up to three ingredients of your choice delivered in an easy to store box containing 2.5kg. It’s the easy way to keep your cocktail citrus or herbs and spices in one place and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that all our produce is organic and ethically sourced, providing added value for your customers.

Whatever box you choose, the contents are totally flexible depending on the season and harvest sizes. We guarantee our farmers and growers a fair price for their produce which means that prices can fluctuate from week to week. However, our pricing policy is totally transparent and all costs are clearly displayed on the website. Fruit and vegetables in season are not only better for you but more affordable so it’s another great reason to choose Piktfresh.

Ethical and sustainable

We believe that the best organic produce should be handled with care. That’s why we carefully pick and pack your organic produce with zero plastics to ensure it lasts as long as possible. We don’t use ice or gel packs either, making our Piktfresh boxes an ethical and sustainable choice. 

It’s not only our choice of packing materials that are sustainable. We also offer you the option to offset the carbon footprint of your delivery and work with local suppliers as much as possible to shorten our supply chains and ensure we do our best to minimise our environmental impact. If you’re as keen as we are to keep Piktfresh sustainable, please select this option when you confirm your order.

If you want to order organic vegetables online, Piktfresh makes it simple, organic and sustainable. Our locally grown organic produce is fresh and tasty and our commitment to sustainability and zero plastic packaging really sets us apart. If you want to be part of the Piktfresh revolution in choice, taste and ethical practice, why not try your first box today?

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