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Where to Find the Best Organic Vegetables for Home Delivery?

Why Organic Vegetables?

Organic vegetables are grown without using harmful pesticides and fertilisers. To be able to label food as organic, strict guidelines must be followed, so you can guarantee all organic vegetables will have been grown using natural fertilisers. This means:

  • There is a less harmful impact on the environment.
  • The vegetables are fresher.
  • The vegetables have a higher nutritional quality than non-organic vegetables.

Extensive research has shown solid evidence that, by eating organic vegetables, you can increase your intake of desirable antioxidants whilst reducing your consumption of harmful pesticides.

How Do I Know It’s Organic?

It isn’t easy to get organic certification, and all organic farms and manufacturers are inspected at least once a year. If a company is certified by the Soil Association, you can guarantee the food has been grown organically.

Are There Any Other Benefits?

Not only are you looking after your own health, but by using a vegetable delivery service you are helping to keep the environment healthy too.

Did you know that 95% of the food we eat comes from the soil, and this soil is a non-renewable resource? By eating organically, you are helping to keep soil healthy. Healthy soil captures carbon dioxide and stores it as carbon. This means we can help reduce harmful greenhouse gases by farming organically and keeping the soil healthy.

Organic farming also helps protect our wildlife. Unfortunately, over the last 60 years, much of our wildlife has lost its natural habitat due to farming methods. Organic farmers are dedicated to protecting our wildlife by:

  • Creating spaces for nature within their fields.
  • Allowing nature (such as bees and beetles) to control pests and weeds.
  • Ensuring soil is nurtured to help reduce erosion and pollution.

Why Use a Delivery Service?

There are many benefits to having fresh organic vegetables delivered to your door:

  • You can reduce your single-use plastic consumption.
  • They are quick and easy to order.
  • You save time by having fresh organic produce delivered straight to your doorstep.
  • You can select which vegetables are delivered.

By choosing to use an organic vegetable home delivery service, you are choosing to shop ethically. Companies such as ourselves believe that everyone who is part of the process is treated fairly and with respect. As a B Corps verified business, we run a company with the highest ethical standards.

With so many organic vegetable home delivery services available, eating healthily and ethically is achievable. No longer do you need to wander around supermarkets selecting vacuum-packaged vegetables. There is a massive drive to be free from waste. In supermarkets, there is a huge choice of vegetables available all year round. However, this isn’t environmentally sound. With your organic vegetable boxes, you will receive seasonal vegetables that taste better and suit our diets for that time of year.

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