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Your box, your rules

At Pikt we empower you to pick and choose the produce you want, the fruit and veg world really is your oyster avocado. 

Homey Box-1


As the name suggests, this box is for your normal weekly shop. But, you can also use it for parties, events, or even have a box delivered to a UK holiday home. (Don’t forget your five-a-day on that seaside break – oh and car snacks for the kids)!

Get started with a Homey box


For the fruit fanatic! Get ALL of your fruit portions for the week in one handy recyclable box. The Fruitist box is perfect for your home fruit needs or for a busy office, gym, reception or party. Think happy, healthy, productive. Think apples, not sugar loaded sweets. 

Our fruitist box also comes in regular or large size so you can keep your team fed all week long! 

I need more fruit in my life!
Prepster x5


The Prepster is your go-to fresh ingredient box. Food truck, restaurant, bar or club, you name it – the Prepster box is cleverly designed to fit in small spaces and opens up to make it easier to store and use your ingredients quickly.

You can choose between our 3 or 5 product box. Manage your stock easily and no plastic waste. 

Tell me more about the Prepster

You select

Whether it’s a weekly fruit and veg order, feeding your office team or stocking up on ingredients for your bar, you can remove, swap or add items as you wish.

And, as you shop, we are clear about how much your order will cost. You’ll notice our products don’t have a fixed price. That’s because the price we pay to farmers and growers varies depending on seasonal availability, size of the harvest and cost of production. Being ethical and honest every day means flexibility – that’s why we’re different to other schemes, where fixing costs means someone is certainly losing out.


We Pick

So, you’ve chosen your box – now our team hand-pick and pack it.

Chosen a Homey box? We pick your order selection, and the size you’ve chosen. Everything is portion-controlled and deliciously fresh.

Gone for a Fruitist? It works the same as above. We pick your order and pack it into your portion-controlled Fruitist box. Our boxes and the way we pack your fruit means better quality, longer lasting, organic produce.

Prepster buyer? You’ll be able to pick three or five items from our current list of top-quality citrus and other ingredients. Giving a chef or mixologist everything they need to create the perfect work of art.


We deliver

Happy? Great. Let’s get your box moving… If you haven’t visited us before, or you’ve moved for a change of scene, then we’ll need your address. Except for a small supplement if you want weekend delivery, we even include the cost of DPD delivery so there are no surprises.


You carbon offset

Pikt is all about great tasting, nutritious food that’s better for you, for growers, and the planet. Although our supply chain is shorter than traditional retail, there’s still more we can all do to make less of an impact on the environment and help stop climate change. Here’s your opportunity – click yes on your order confirmation page to offset the carbon produced in getting your Pikt box to your door. It’s not much, but it makes a real difference, not just environmentally, but socially too. #Bthechange


Round up for good

A few pennies here and there might not mean much to most, but to some it means the world. With your permission, we’ll round up your order total to the nearest pound. The extra pennies go to the Fresh Republic Foundation – a certified charity where we select projects in the UK that do good. Take a look at the Foundation page to see the current cause being helped by your contributions.


Say NO to plastic!

Your box contains zero plastics, including no gel pads or ice packs We are committed to zero plastic in all of our boxes, so you may find an outer leaf of a spring onion or lettuce to remove, small price to pay for helping save the planet we think! Please refrigerated any perishable products from your box on arrival to maximise shelf life.


Celery allergies

We handle celery and celeriac on our site. We try as far as possible to reduce the risk of cross-contamination through our packing and hygiene processes however there is always a risk of cross contamination from these allergens.