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How ordering our fruit and vegetables works?

It’s Simple, You Choose. We Deliver.


either Build your own Box or select a delicious Ready Made Box.

Whether it’s your weekly fruit and veg for home, feeding your office team or stocking up on ingredients for your business, you can remove, swap, or add items as you wish, all from a few clicks and from the comfort of anywhere you are!

You could subscribe or try a one-off purchase with our Ready-Made Boxes, or if you like to choose your own selection go for the Build Your Own.

We don’t believe in tieing you into subscriptions or fancy gimmicks; YOU are in complete control at all times.

Tip: When choosing the box type which suits you; you’ll notice the biggest range is in the Homey Build Your Own Box.

Did you know: We’re proud to pay our growers what they need to make it sustainable for them, so depending on seasonal availability, size of the harvest and cost of production prices do vary.

We pick

So, you’ve chosen your box and checked-out; Over to the Pikt team to hand-pack every portion YOU chose, this is all done on the day of despatch carefully selecting from our fresh deliveries 7-days a week.

Did you Know: Every item is portion controlled and individually packed. Our growers have lovingly produced the fruits and vegetables, so we ensure wrapping each item means the last journey is just as good if you harvested it yourself.

Our Fruitist boxes are designed to be self-dispensing, a clever flap is removable when you receive the box which exposes 3 compartments filled with your chosen selection; so no need to dispense in any fruit bowls and safe in the knowledge people haven’t touched everything, How EASY, CLEAN and SAFE!

Running a business takes time, you don’t have a lot of it and everyone needs you, WE’VE GOT YOU; let us worry about prepping your kitchen or bar. You pick three or five items from our Prepster Box range of amazing organic fresh produce to give your business the right ingredients for success. Just imagine, busy night at your bar and you need more Lemons, Limes and Oranges for the next day, easy! Just order before 8am for next day delivery, THAT’S FAST, SUPER EASY, and AFFORDABLE!

We deliver

We choose to partner with DPD as they have committed to make every parcel they deliver carbon neutral.

Checkout DPD here

Climate Change and Carbon offsetting

Life is full of choices and we’re trying to make it easier for all of us, that’s why we partnered with ClimateCare to offer you the opportunity to help with your purchase. At the checkout you will see the option to further offset the carbon produced from our growers to Pikt . It’s not much, but it makes a real difference, not just environmentally, but socially too.

Round up for good

A few pennies here and there might not mean much to most, but to some, it’s the difference to their world. With your permission, we’ll round up your order total to the nearest pound. The extra pennies go to the Fresh Republic Foundation – a certified charity we created where we select projects in the UK that do good. We’re always looking to help small charities and groups who focus on the wellbeing of children, if you have a suggestion please email

Say NO to plastic!

Your box contains ZERO plastic, including no gel pads or ice packs wrapped in plastic, during the warmer seasons we add a cornstarch water-based mat to maintain a constant temperature during transit, we partnered with an amazing company called HydroPac.

Celery allergies

We handle celery and celeriac on our site. We try as far as possible to reduce the risk of cross-contamination through our packing and hygiene processes however there is always a risk of cross-contamination from these allergens.

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