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The ultimate list of plastic packaging alternatives 

It might seem like such a mammoth task, cutting plastic out of your life, but it all starts with just one step. 

Don’t know where to start? Download our plastic packaging alternatives list. Yes please 

Your details and Pikt 

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Plastic packaging – your story

You don’t need to feel intimidated about walking away from plastic. Often it can feel like an insurmountable challenge, getting rid of all plastic in your life. Why not start with some baby steps and stop using plastic carrier bags? There are lots of different varieties around and you can invest in some really beautiful bags. 

Cost vs. Control 

An argument we hear quite a lot is that it’s so expensive to cut out plastic packaging, as normal food chains only offer plastic free food alternatives on the deli counter (a high cost area of their shop.) So thinking about where you can get your plastic free food shopping takes a little bit more thinking (and planning.) Taking control of your weekly shop and planning before you go can save a lot of cost and poor choices. Download your list of alternatives now! 

You choose. We deliver.

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