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Pikt is better for you

It's super fresh
Our produce comes direct from the farmer or grower.

Create less waste 
Our portioned boxes offer total control over your order.

Quality and Value
We pride ourselves on the quality of our produce and passing on the value of our supply chain to you.

We are pesticide-free and organic 
Our standards don’t allow any synthetic pesticides and absolutely no herbicides. Choosing us reduces your exposure to pesticides in food.


Pikt is better for growers

Our farmers and growers are our partners. They’ve dedicated their lives to growing the best possible produce with nature, and we think that deserves respect.

Fair pricing 
We pay the right price all the time, every time. Why wouldn’t you? We adjust prices to ensure that everyone gets paid fairly and you don’t spend more than necessary.

Our farmers and growers work with nature, and because we want them to produce organic food for us, they have flexibility on volumes. This means if growers have got it, you can have it. When it’s gone, it’s gone.


Pikt is better for our planet

Working with nature 
Farming harmoniously with nature reduces disruption to the natural environment. By selecting produce varieties with a natural resistance to particular pests and diseases, farmers avoid the need for chemical aids.

Cleaner world nature 
In 2016, over 16,600 tonnes of pesticides were used on British farms to kill weeds, insects and control crop diseases. This doesn’t just kill the pest, it affects other wildlife and the environment by direct poisoning, contaminating water and disrupting ecosystems. Organic farmers are permitted to use only 20 pesticides, derived from natural ingredients. Research suggests that if all UK farming were organic, pesticide use would drop by 98 percent.

Good for wildlife
Organic means lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment. That means more wildlife. Organic farms are havens for wildlife with up to 50 percent more bees, birds and butterflies.

Combating climate change
Organic farming and growing does more to reduce green-house gas emissions from agriculture and protect natural resources. We offer you the opportunity to offset the carbon created from your delivery. Our offsetting scheme funds projects that replace carbon production with carbon reduction. We’re also looking at more ways to reduce our consumption of natural resources and powering Pikt with renewable energy.



Your box, your rules

At Pikt we empower you to pick and choose the produce you want, the fruit and veg world really is your oyster avocado. 

Homey Box-1


As the name suggests, this box is for your normal weekly shop. But, you can also use it for parties, events, or even have a box delivered to a UK holiday home. (Don’t forget your five-a-day on that seaside break – oh and car snacks for the kids).

Get started with a Homey box


For the fruit fanatic! Get ALL of your fruit portions for the week in one handy recyclable box. The Fruitist box is perfect for your home fruit needs or for a busy office, gym, reception or party. Think happy, healthy, productive. Think apples, not sugar loaded sweets. 

Our fruitist box also comes in regular or large so you can keep your team fed all week long! 

I need more fruit in my life!
Prepster x5


The Prepster is your go-to fresh ingredient box. Food truck, restaurant, bar or club, you name it – the Prepster box is cleverly designed to fit in small spaces and opens up to make it easier to store and use your ingredients quickly.

You can choose between our 3 or 5 product box. Manage your stock easily and no plastic waste. 

Tell me more about the Prepster